Real Life Stories is a series of interactive documentaries, focusing on young people tackling mental health.

Strategy --Experience Design - Art Direction

Created at Thompson for the NHS

real life – Feature Image

Briefs Are Meant To Be Challenged.

The NHS had approached Thompson Brand Partners with a brief to create a series of videos with the main goal being to a) Education gen-z about mental health issues and
b) Support them if they felt they were affected by
mental health.

Our concept was to not create a traditional video series, but a set of short interactive videos, enabling viewers to not just watch but to find out relevant information in real-time.

A Mobile-First Experience.

Our core users were mobile-focused, so our concept was created completely mobile-first, adopting best practices and trends from everyday apps. We wanted to create a platform that our users felt familiar with, as research suggested that a younger audience would not engage if they didn't understand the UI. Our inspiration came from everyday tools such as Snapchat, Youtube and Instagram. 

Wires Top
Wires Bottom

Filming For A Mobile First Experience.

Our first challenge was to create the content for the platform and we had to make sure that this was watchable on mobile devices. The choice was made to film in 9:16, we created a makeshift cardboard cut out so we could see how the end video would be seen.

The videos we're shot overall several weeks and the overall look and feel was 'home-made'. We did not want the final presentation to feel too polished and wanted our audience to relate to the films they were watching.

filming one
filming two

Using Minimal UI To Keep The Focus On The Content.

Early in the creative phase, we took the decision to let the videography to stand out the most and create a minimal UI kit that would complement the overall documentary.


Mind Mate, NHS, Thompson Brand Partners and every interviewee who took part!