Giving the members of the Institute of Physics the tools to start the biggest physics conversation in the world.

Strategy - Experience Design

Created for IOP at Catch Digital

How can we increase member engagement with IOP?

The Institute of Physics are a world-leading scientific charity that works to advance physics education, research, and application. IOP approached Catch with one goal, to increase membership engagement online, by starting the "world's biggest physics conversation".


Creating User Engagement Through A Personalised Experience.

Through an in-depth discovery phase, workshops, stakeholder and user interviews we created a solution that would encourage membership uptake as well as member engagement. Our solution was to aggregate all of IOP's content into one personalized dashboard, bespoke to each member. By asking member 3 simple questions we're able to provide them with relevant content from multiple sources across the IOP eco-system.

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A Modular Design System Built Right From The Get Go.

Not only did we create a whole new solution for IOP, but we were also tasked with evolving the brand. Starting by reviewing their brand assets and how we could push them to be seen as the thought leaders they are. 

We created them a single design system that could be rolled over the many digital products IOP owns. We worked closely with IOP to set up the design principles, which we're followed throughout the project and the overall end look is a slick and timeless experience. 

Design System
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Every Interaction And Transition Matters, Motion Should Sit At The Heart Of This Project.

One of our core design principles was that interaction and motion were key. Our users wanted a site that was inspired by physics and felt that the site should give feedback to every interaction. 

We worked alongside physicists on the motion design to ensure every movement was correct and possible within the real world. To demonstrate this we created a short video telling the story.