A whole new website experience, focusing on user interaction with Hyve’s online sales and support team.

Strategy - Experience Design - Visula Design

Created for Hyve at Delete Agency


Defining the project goal and mission.

Hyve is one of the UK’s leading cloud hosting company, with a strong focus on personal customer service. For the past few years, their current site and brand had lacked the customer-friendly tone that they had to offer. The goal was to create a whole new website experience, focusing in on user interaction with Hyve’s online sales and support team. While at the same time updating their current branding.


Hosting shouldn't be tech internal jargon.

After researching some of Hyve’s competitors, it was clear that most of hosting websites and brands follow the same layout, site structure, content and brand colors. Also choosing to use tech-heavy content, which felt overwhelming for the less tech-savvy user.

Baring all research in mind I proposed to Hyve that we create a site with a less traditional layout, simplifying and reducing content to allow users to digest and understand easily. Also putting more prominence on live chat through the whole site allowing the user to choose who they can speak too, giving them details about their personal live chat assistance, which would allow Hyve to acquire more meaningful leads.


Alongside designing the site I put a lot of time into motion and interaction, thinking about how the site’s elements could load-in, transition, animate.

Photography and video shoot.

Once UX and design were complete we suggested that it would be a nice and personal touch to include photography of their team working in the office, rather than using stock photos. Happy with all the work I’d currently done they agreed on a 2-day photo and film shoot.

Over these 2 days, I directed, shot and filmed Hyve’s staff at work, taking a wide range of imagery, focusing on 5 key themes. Interaction: showing the size of the company. In-detail: focusing in on key elements of the office. Focus: showing employees hard at work. Location: showcasing their seaside location (Brighton). Atmosphere: happy and friendly shots.


Hyve was an amazing project to work on, creating not only a visually impactful digital experience, but also allowing me explore a new areas of creativity, by means of photography and videography.